Call the waiting staff with one click

Restaurant system, which serves guests at the table.

Call the waiting staff using the table options

Do not waste up to 25% of your revenue because of inefficiency. Give customers the ability to call the operator and order directly at the table and increase the utilization of the tables today. In addition you will have satisfied guests who will spread the reputation. Watch a short video.

Customers are not waiting for the waiting staff

Vyžiadanie účtenky na 1 klik

* na základe Prieskum u hostí reštaurácií a kaviarní. z apríla 2015, 3 304 účastníkov.

*Na základe celoslovenského prieskumu z apríla 2015. [Viac info]

Did you know that 67% of customers would welcome getting receipt by one click *? As in a good restaurant it takes on average of more than five minutes. The average is two minutes with us and customer satisfaction, who knows exactly how much he pays. Intelligent table gives your customers other options as

  • Calling the waiting staff on 1 Click
  • Overview of the table account
  • Food and service ratings
  • E-Menu, beverage and wine list

Calling the waiting staff is incredibly simple

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Calling the waiting staff from the table saves guest‘s and waiter‘s time. They may focus on serving the customers who need them most. Customers may check the menu and specialities on their mobile device and make an additional order.

Simple steps how to call the waiting staff

  • Customer scans the QR code
  • Select Call the waitig staff
  • The waiter is notified and sees the call from the desk

The customer can use any smartphone or tablet. No matter whether Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Windows, the application works with all of them.

Try on your mobile phone

Zavolat obsluhu QR kód

Scan the QR code with your phone and try to call the waiter or any other function you get using the table QR code, or click Call the waiting staff.

Our web application works on Android, Windows, iOSs, Linux. Our customers don’t have to spend time with installation as no installation is required. You will get the service rating and many useful tools all in one place.

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