Features of iKelp POS Mobile

Mobile waiter, all the POS system in your pocket

Mobilný čašník na každom zariadení

With mobile waiter functionality, you can serve your customer’s requests wherever you are. It doesn’t matter whether you stay at the table or you server on the terrace or you just prepare drinks at the bar. You have your application all the time in your pocket.

  • Less miles of running every day
  • You are always on hand for your guests
  • Speed up your orders for the kitchen, directly as you stay at the table or on the terrace
  • You have always billing information with you and you never forget to charge something

Service and meals ratings, boost up satisfaction of your guests and increase your profit

Hodnotenia va3ich zákazníkov

Your customers can rate service and meals too. By this way, you improve quality and make better relationship with customers. At the same time, you can perfectly reward your staff. The best ones receive recognitions those motivate them much more. And such a head start right behind your competitors.

  • Recognize the best employees and the best dishes in your offer
  • Visibility of ratings is in your hands
  • Follow the course of long-term satisfaction
  • We know that stars sell. Increase the number of references and increase your profits

Our web app works on every device, no need to install anything and the customer does not reside, or hesitate. And where the competition offers only assessment service, we have a package of other useful tools. [More...]

Quick inventory with your phone, check the bar in the style of the superman

Rýchla inventúra pomocou mobilu

When you think last time that your learned habits are causing the loss? Get rid of unnecessary costs and loss of time. Only with us you will make your inventory fast, easy and inexpensive. To control alcohol and resources you need only your phone. It does not require any expensive equipment or any extra work. Instead, we give you instant results. In just a few minutes you will find:

  • Who and where draws you most?
  • Why did you suddenly missing a whole bottle?
  • Where are the biggest differences?

POS system, touchscreen cash register and help in organizing your service

POS systém pre reštaurácie a kaviarne

POS system in restaurants and caffee shops today is not just about entering items into open bills on the table and print receipts. For example, the application shows the bartender what drinks need to be prepared. Waiters don’t need to remember where they should deliver drinks from refrigerator and which ones are already delivered. A modern POS system is now mainly about assistance in organizing the operation. And all of this must be simple and quick.

  • Open bills on tables in rooms
  • Suggestion, which drinks should be prepared
  • Notifications, where the customers need you
  • Many smart tools that simplify your operation

Lunch menu on Facebook, your website and customers’ smartphones

Jedálny lístok na Facebooku

Publish and promote your restaurant on the internet because people are there looking for you nowadays. Lunch menu, food and drinks offer on your Facebook page or your website makes them more attractive. Images and positive ratings provides attracting new guests. You enter your offer just once and it will appear automatically everywhere. Young Internet generation is already here, do not miss this opportunity. [More...]

  • Menu on your website [More...]
  • Lunch menu, dinner and breakfast menu, Wine card, Seasonal Menu [More...]
  • All the offers in the guests’ phones with intelligent table functionality
  • Bookmark on Facebook with your offers

Be inspired by the few hints 6 tips on how to use Facebook for restaurants

Intelligent table, guests will be part of your business

Použitie QR kódu na stole

Offer your guests the 21st century directly on their phone or tablet. Using Intelligent table transfer them to your world of cafes, restaurants. Let them boast that they were in your shop. [More..]

  • Call waiting staff
  • Request a receipt and payment card or cash
  • Complete offer your food and beverages
  • Ordering, Re-Ordering directly by guests
  • Rate service and meals
  • Overview of your receipt

Try it yourself [More...]

Remote access, instant overview of revenue, wherever you are

Nástenka so štatistikami

Due to the clear statistics, you have an instant overview of your sales, on your mobile, tablet or PC, wherever you are. You can manage your business from the comfort of the living room, on vacation while you're on the go. The application is available via the internet and you can perform all tasks whenever you need it and do not have to move anywhere.

  • Overview charts of revenues
  • Tables occupancy
  • Waiters performance
  • Customers reviews
  • and access to the entire application through internet

Grab your business on the road [More...]

Shift reports and waiters turnower reports

Uzávierka zmeny, uzávierka na čašníka

From now you always know how much money waiters should give to you when the shift ends. Shift report or waiter revenue report will use all the facilities where the waiters are working with their own wallet with cash alone. This report is totally independent of the fiscal report.

  • No need to bother with the transition through midnight
  • It does not limit you to any 24-hour period
  • You exactly know each waiter’s revenue at the end of his or her shift
  • Shift reports - quickly and easily

Stock management and inventory check

Skladová evidencia - iKelp POS Mobile

We've simplified everything. Also, what it seemed to be impossible. We bring to you a unique method of recording stock, which does not burden neither you nor your waiter. No more closing warehouses and additional depreciation formulas and processing production. We offer you immediate results and without unnecessary extra work.

  • Transparency and simplicity
  • Quick inventory via mobile phone
  • Management with open alcohol bottles
  • Formulas and online ingredients processing

Keep your stock under the control [More...]

Discounts, happy-hour and credit, your customers must love you

Zľavy, happy-hour, kredit

Attract new customers and retain regulars is even more important than cooking delicious meals and great coffee preparation. This is true for every restaurant and cafe. Without properly motivated customers it would not work. iKelp POS Mobile has several handy tools for you that make your customers loving you.

  • Happy-hour, increase your sales whenever you need it
  • Special sales and discounts for all, or just loyal and VIP customers
  • Virtual wallet with credits and easier billing
  • Handy tools for getting customers who repeatedly return

Management of pizza and dishes home delivery has never been easier

Donáška / Rozvoz pizze a jedál

You know that. The customer calls that he would like pizza delivery ... and the paperwork begins. This is now over. The application iKelp Mobile POS manage orders quickly and easily. And it does not matter whether it is a delivery or personal collection. Are you aware of takeovers, unfinished and finished orders and of course all the necessary sales statistics.

  • Overview of unfinished and finished orders
  • Quick billing and printing delivery notes
  • Selecting existing or VIP contacts to speed up the order entry
  • Sales statistics of delivery and personal collection, tracking of packages

Order printer, orders to the kitchen faster than thunderbolt

Tlač objednávok v kuchyni

Cooks always know what to prepare and waiters always bring food to the right place. With the daily order report in the kitchen or in the bar you have an immediate overview of cooked foods and prepared beverages and an overview of cancelled orders. Waiters can place an order via the POS system, or directly from the table via mobile waiter functionality.

  • No more mistakes, order printer saves you time and money
  • Waiters can spend more time with guests
  • Speed up orders for food or drink
  • You can take advantage of order printing at the bar too
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