Intelligent table for restaurants and coffee shops

Your company in the customer’s mobile device

Advantages of an intelligent table for your restaurant or coffee shop

  • nfcImprove table utilization during the peak hours. Increase your profit with zero investment.
  • phone_androidYou do not need to print a receipt with each sale. Thanks to credit recharging you simplify your agenda and your customers with a virtual wallet will return again and again.
  • storeOffer your specialties and fresh pastries in an attractive way. You'll be surprised what else your guests order.
  • devicesLess work, more results. Because of your effectiveness your waiting staff will save time.
  • supervisor_accountBe smart in rewarding your employees. It will be easy with the service rating. And thanks to the food rating improve your recipe to perfection.
  • card_membershipSave costs. Paper lunch menu with no images and no description is the past. Guests have current menu in their phones.

You don’t need to print out a receipt each time

Používanie a prehľad kreditu kdekoľvek

Thanks to credit recharging you simplify your agenda and customers with a virtual wallet will return again and again.

It is simple. Guests recharge their credit account. They come back reguraly and pay using their credit. In this case no invoice is printed. You can print a document such as information on the disbursement of credit. The ideal solution for regular and VIP customers.

  • Credit can also be used for purchasing cafeteria lunch
  • Thanks to the credit system you reduce the amount of tax documents - receipts
  • The bonus credit when recharging can be used as a handy marketing tool

Ask for the receipt by one click

Rýchla inventúra pomocou mobilu

Can’t you get the waiter‘s attention just when you are in a hurry?

You for sure know how much time it takes to get the waitres‘s attention. This situation can be solved by the inteligent table. The guest scans the tabel QR code or holds his phone neer the NFC tag. Then click one button. The waiting staff gets a notification at the cash registry or on a mobile phone. The waiting staff can print the receipt wherever they are. They do not need to run up and down, they just pay attention to customer’s satisgfaction.

  • Ask for the receipt by one click
  • Improving the table capacity during the peak hours
  • Waiters are less busy, but your guests are served more quickly

Your guests have an overview of their own account, food and drink ratings

Používanie a prehľad kdekoľvek

You stand at the table wasting your time, watching as guests throw meal tickets and pennies ... This situation wanes.

Your guests have an overview of their own account. If they want to pay, they know exactly how much money they need to get ready. Additionally they can rate your food and drinks. You are getting valuable feedback and you can improve your recipes to perfection.

  • Guests know how much they have to pay before the waiter comes
  • Food and drink rating in the account report
  • Time saving while taking payments

Call the waiting staff with one click

Evidencia SBL a otvorených fliaš

Imagine you come to a hotel and there isn’t a soul at the reception. Would you wait? No! Simply ring the bell and the receptionist will come.

Let your customers call the waiting staff with one click. Your customers will be satisfied and they will share their experience with their friends. Your customers need to feel that their needs were acknowledged by the waiting staff even if they are not met right away. They can accomplish this by clicking one button on the mobile screen. Let’s try how this works in your restaurant.

  • The waiting staff is always available in your restaurant
  • Your customers will be satisfied because you always know when they need you
  • Your customers leave with a unique experience

Service rating

Hodnotenie obsluhy

It is crucial to know, motivate, and reward your team.

The customer feedback can tell you where your strength and weaknesses are. The right motivation can lead to better results. Positive feedback can be more inspiring than money. You can tactfully deal with unsatisfied customer without spreading any negative feedback. Your customers will appreciate your good customer service. See how customers can increase your profit.

  • Your employee appreciation will bring you higher profits
  • Turn an angry customer into a ranging fan
  • Make your excellent customer service the reputation of your business

Guests can order by themselvs at the table

Doobjednajte si priamo pri stole.

Waiters do not have to take every order and fly up and down. Yet still you can create a better personal experience.

Your customers can order by themselves. The waiting staff can distribute food and drinks with no problem, help customers and pay attention to their individual needs. You wil create a unique experience and instead of asking „What would you like to order?“ the waitres can simply say „Here is your favorite cold beer.“ Your restaurant is going to be the one customers will talk about.

  • Create a unique experience by personal approach to your guests
  • The waiting staff will be less busy
  • Pay attention to your customers’ needs

Lunch menu in your curtomer‘s mobile device is always up to date

Jedálny lístok v mobile zákazníka

Your guests will always find the lunch menu, drink list and your specialties up to date. All this is right on their phone. Your offer is always up to date and without any effort.

You simply enter your menu at once. It is available to your customers wherever they look - internet, social networking or mobile phone in his pocket. Take a look at:

Try on your mobile

Skusit iKelp POS Mobile QR kód

Scan a QR code using your mobile, and try the smart table, or simply press the following key:

Our web application works on Android, Windows, iOSs, Linux. Our customers don’t have to spend time with installation as no installation is required.

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