Service and meals rating

Let your customers improve profit

Collect, analyze and deal with the feedback about your staff

...and only with us your guests will evaluate your food and drink. Let your customers evaluate the waiters and the quality of your kitchen. You get feedback and improve your profit by improving the quality of your customer service. As a bonus, guests can call the operator, ask for a receipt, and immediately order. All of this is completely free in iKelp POS Mobile.

Let your customers improve profit

Hodnotenia vašimi zákazníkmi

* Based on the results of survey from April 2015, 3,304 participants.

Did you know that 88% customers are not satisfied with the waiting staff? If the guest can evaluate the service and food, his comments will help you to improve quality and customer relations. This way you will be ahead of your competition.

  • Service rating
  • Meals and drinks – stars sell
  • See how your customer satisfaction changes over time
  • Increase the number of references and achieve better profits

Our web application works on Android, Windows, iOSs, Linux. Our customers don’t have to spend time with installation as no installation is required. You will receive feedback in a simple way. You will get the service ratings and many useful tools all in one place.

Time to change the menu

Hodnotenia va3ich zákazníkov

Do you know when to make some changes to your recipe? Is the food as good as it looks? Your customer can rate the food and give you valuable feedback. You can improve your menu. It doesn’t matter if your customers are at the table or on Facebook.

  • Service rating
  • Highlight your seasonal menu
  • See how your customer satisfaction changes over time
  • Increase the number of references and increase your profits

If you want to sell more, make your menu more visible. Your guests see the dessert menu, special or seasonal menu when evaluating food. They can order by one click.

You have something to offer. Tell the world!

Hodnotenia vašich zákazníkov na fecebooku

The information spreads on Internet at the speed of light. Tell about yourself and about your qualities on the web and Facebook. You will attract new customers and they will appreciate the quality of your service. You will enter your offer only once, the other takes place automatically.

  • Publishing of the reviews on web
  • Lunch menu and menu on Facebook
  • Increase the number of references and increase profits

One's eyes are bigger than one's stomach. We are offering a tool with which you can manage your business to perfection. Your menu on Facebook or web can be as attractive and your customers can add picures using their mobile phoned with your approval of coures.

Start with rating today, only with us you have it free

Vyhodnotenie čašníkov v grafe

Have you already found that the service and meals assessment can be underestimated only at your own risk? With us you can get started quickly, easily and completely free. Just click on the button I AM INTERESTED and leave your contact. We can help with everything you need.

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