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Alcohol and ingrediences under control

Seznam skladových dokladů - iKelp POS Mobile

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The easiest manipulation on the market

Why we offer the market leader in quality and in simplicity, and at the best price? Because we have valuable practical experience since 2006! And these have morphed into a unique Mobile POS application, specially adapted to the needs of gastronomy. We've simplified everything we could. Keep it natural, faster and without unnecessary mistakes and your restaurant will be a success.

Quick control of inventory via mobile

Rychlá inventura pomocí mobilu

When was the last time you thought about how your habits could be resulting in losses? Get rid of unnecessary costs and lost time. Only with us, will you find fast, simple and low cost inventory management. For the control of alcohol and perishable items all you need is a mobile device. You won’t need expensive equipment or extra work and will instead receive instant results. Within minutes you will be to access the following information:

  • Who and where are we using moving most product?
  • Why are we missing an entire bottle?
  • Where are the biggest gaps?

oComplete database of bottles with alcohol and with EAN

Rýchla inventúra pomocou mobilu

You can create storage cards for bottles of alcohol by one click. Just enter an EAN or search product by name. Mobile POS application contains a complete database of alcohol. You can set the parameters for the calculation of resources, such as the volume of the bottle at the same time.

  • Quick start when opening your operation
  • Exact identification by EAN bar code
  • The establishment of storage cards in one click

Evidence of opened alcohol bottles

Evidence otevřených lahví a rozlévaného alkoholu

Did you know that you must always have alcohol statement in your operation in a case of possible inspection? ... And we have 99% of the work done for you.


With us you have a register of opened alcohol bottles without any extra work. Choose goods from our pre-made catalog of all alcohol sold in Slovakia. Waiter will register opening a bottle in a few seconds. An overview, reports and export is always available according to the law. With us you gain more.

  • Records available immediately
  • Current stocks always under control
  • The completed catalog of alcohol sold in the Europe

Usage and overview, wherever you are

Používanie a prehľad kdekoľvek

Each entrepreneur should have his business under control. Only with us you can do it easily over the internet from your phone, tablet, or PC. Manage your company remotely and without hidden or additional fees. Important information that you have at your hand.

Our website works on all (Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and OS X) without any installation?

  • Complete inventory registry
  • Inventory control and sales
  • Managing and mantaining the whole agenda of a restaurant or a caffee shop

Your data is always safe, we provide multiple protection and backup

Bezpečnost údajů v datovém centru

POS Mobile application is  operated by a certified data center. Incessant operation is ensured by multiple back-up systems. Service and maintenance are subject to strict service contract rules. Database application is simultaneously stored in multiple independent devices in the so-called. optical storage arrays. The data is also backed up regularly. Whatever happens on your premises, any equipment failure, you take your phone, tablet or laptop and resume exactly where you left off.

  • Your data is always safe
  • Application in a certified data center
  • No matter what device you use to access the application

The easiest control for each type of goods separately

Typy skladových karet a jejich používání v aplikaci

You specify the stock card type when creating it. The application will always offer the right user interface and functions according to the type of items. Using POS Mobile becomes really simple. At the same time you get the right tool at the right time.

  • Distinguishing between the types of items in stock
  • Optimized user interface and functions depending on the context
  • Providing simple tools at the right time

Quick registration of the purchase of goods, stock intake and expenditure

Skladové pohyby - Příjmy, výdaje a výdaje SBL

Purchases of goods is the most commonly used stock income. It is therefore important that the registration of goods is simple. The application offers several options to choose from. When receiving goods from the invoice or delivery note enter purchase prices excluding VAT. When buying cash voucher enter a unit price with VAT, the application automatically calculates the stock price without VAT.


You registere an inventory receipts and expenditures that are created automatically at the conclusion of the inventory simply and without complications. expenditure on consumption and for sales are commonplace, you can register the SBL expenses - opening the bottle. Each procedure is designed independently in order to allow the waiting staff to act as soon as possible.

  • Differentiation of the purchase invoice, packing slip and proof of purchase (receipt in price with / without VAT)
  • Automatic inventory receipts and expenditures
  • Expenditures of consumption and tracking of SBL evidence

Recipes and depreciation of ingrediences

Receptury a suroviny

Do you know how much meat and vegetables should be in the kitchen? Do you know if cooking is done according to the recipes? And do you know at any time if the bartender has stocks in order and mixes drinks properly?

Stock in POS Mobile application will answer these questions immediately. By tracking the purchase of goods, sale and recipe regulations you have an immediate overview of the state of your stocks.

With such a tool is the spot-checking inventory a piece of cake.

  • Bar and kitchen at your fingertips
  • Minimize the shortfall, save time for inspectiony
  • You know immediately the state of your inventory

Tracking the containers and boxes for distribution

Obaly na pizzu

Do you need to monitor and evaluate the sales packaging alone?


iKelp POS Mobile  application will help you with that. You indicate that it is a package when setting up stock cards. This information is taken into account later. You can answer question: Did I sell the same number of boxes as nuber of pizzas sold? How many lunch menus were carried out in the box?

  • Tracking of food packaging sales
  • Sale of bottles
  • Statistics of distribution

Inventory of the 21st century, intelligent inventory assessment

Inteligentní vyhodnocení inventury

Many people believe that the tracking of the physical inventory in stock is the most difficult task. In restaurants, cafés and bars, however, they are usually stocks with a small number of items. The key task becomes an inventory assesstment itself.

iKelp POS Mobile application brings revolutionary tool for intelligent stocks assessmet. We achieved this by dividing the inventory process into two independent steps. Ongoing automatic assessment will offer conflict resolution immediately.

  • Focusing on the key differences instead of scrolling through hundreds of items
  • Automatic recommendation of corrections
  • Shortening the inventory time by more than half

Analyzes and statistics, your business at your fingertips

Přehled prodeje a stavu zásob skladové karty

Are you considering doing business having the right information?

We know that one image can pass on much more information within seconds than text, tables and figures. POS Mobile  application provides clear statistics on sales and stock at different levels. Many of them are converted into a clear graphic form - the various graphs. You can get a detailed overview of your business in a few seconds and you can then make decisions quickly and correctly.

  • Development of sales and inventory of individual products
  • Statistics of sales, compared to the previous period
  • Detailed analysis and statistics for the selected period

Contacts, happy hour, VIP price list with discounts

Ceník Happy Hour

Do you have VIP customers you would like to give a discount to? Would you like to increase profits by building customer databases?

POS Mobile allows you to record both consumers and suppliers contacts. When buying alcohol the  application notifies you that the supplier has no SBL number. Happy hour and discounts for loyal or VIP customers are also common. Acquired contacts can be used for additional marketing promotion.

  • Quick registry of goods from suppliers
  • Discounts, Happy Hour, price lists, VIP customers
  • Sending out your lunch menu automatically

Try on your mobile device

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Scan the QR code using your mobile and get ready for a wild ride with the simplest warehouse report on the market, or click continue button.

Our website works on all devices (Android, Windows, iOS, Linu and OS X), there is no need to install anything and you can start immediately.

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