Your menu on Facebook, restaurant and caffee shop website

Your offer must be wherever your customers are

*Up to 71% of Czechs use the Internet. Your menu cannot be missing on your website these days. How to maintain price, description and pictures? With us, you have no extra work. You enter information only once and you will use it everywhere: at the cash register, customer‘s mobile, your website and your Facebook profile. (*source)

Your Facebook page is always up to date

Facebook page increases the attractiveness of your business in the eyes of the social media users. Information about your menu and drink list are always up to date and there is no danger of any outdated information, incorrect price or any other issues that would spoil your image.

Adding a bookmark on Facebook can be easily managed by a beginner. It takes only few steps in iKelp POS Mobile application.

See a live preview of the current lunch menu on Facebook.

Your Website with the current menu and specialty of the house

Your website is your business card and a gateway where visitors most frequently look for opening hours, your menu or contact. Successful global fast food chains know that pictures sell and thanks to the fact, they reached astronomical profits. And when are you planning on starting with it?

By sharing your menu in the application you place your menu wherever you need. Literally a few clicks. Here's how it might look in your Live demonstration of the menu on the restaurant website.

Intelligent table in your restaurant

Inteligetný stôl

Table in the restaurant is not a piece of wood, a piece of "non-living" furniture. But what you put a small label on it and it becomes an intelligent table that helps guests with service?

You spend less time running and your guests do not need to call you each time. Less work will give you more time for puting your customer in the center of your business.

You can start using all of these benefits immediately, without complicated settings and no investment in equipment. One simple label on the table will get your restaurant into your customer’s smartphone. They will be able to order, ask for a receipt, browse your menu, but also rate the food and service..

Give your guests what they expect in the modern world. For more information, visit Inteligent table.

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